Altering your clothes to the way you desire it to fit and look on you
Any sort of altering or fixing for wedding and formal wear dresses
Hems & Linings
Edges of clothes is sewn narrowly in order to keep it from unfolding
General Sewing
Anything in need of sewing for tops, bottoms and accessories
Repairing any damages such as holes, rip and tears
Zipper Replacements
Repairing damaged zippers and replacing with a brand new one
Measuring your dimensions
Finalizing the perfect fit
Altering to your request
Pick it up in a timely manner
About AD Tailor
AD Tailor is an in-house alterations shop which opened up in 2008. The shop is currently owned and operated by Lina Huynh, who originally began working in the tailor industry in Vietnam before immigrating to Canada in 1996. Before opening up her own store she was an assistant tailor at Lee Tailor’s in Langley, BC. With her experience and expertise, she will guarantee that all of your questions and demands will be satisfied.
Why Pick AD Tailor?
  • arrow_rightModernized sewing machines for accurate stitches
  • arrow_rightHigh workmanship standards and detail work
  • arrow_rightRepeat happy clients
  • arrow_rightYour needs and satisfaction is our priority
  • arrow_rightBecause we care that your outfit fits you perfectly!